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February 3, 2012

Last year on the LAUSD school lunch menu: oily pizza and junk food. This year: tortellini. It's part of a district-wide plan to offer a healthier menu, but some students are complaining. So is the new menu working?

Plus, Brian Rooney takes a look at one prominent fast food chain with a high-calorie menu and a rather risque marketing campaign and asks what responsibility, if any, such companies have to prevent the obesity epidemic in the United States.

Finally, thousands of uninsured Californians have no access to basic healthcare services many of us take for granted, from teeth cleaning to a desperately needed pair of eyeglasses. An annual event, run by the non-profit “Care Now,” is a life raft for these families. Correspondent Judy Muller found some people waiting in line for hours for care, caught in a situation that has gone from bad to worse.

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