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March 5, 2013

Up Front: A nurse refused to administer CPR to an elderly woman in distress, resulting in her death. Was it an ethical lapse or deadly negligence? KGET's Kelsey Thomas has the story from Bakersfield, and Dr. Edward Schneider of USC discusses the ethics of administering CPR with Val.

In the Studio:

  • Fifty years after "The Feminine Mystique" was published, female executives are saying some unexpected things. Is there a new war on women? Author, performer, and radio personality Sandra Tsing Loh weighs in.

  • Santa Monica wants to create a "wellbeing index" for its citizens, but how will it measure happiness? Julie Rusk of the city's community and cultural services explains the proposal.

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This episode was profoundly embarrassing. 20 minutes of pure fluff were capped off by 10 minutes of Santa Monica bashing.

I don't foresee returning to LA County, and I am no fan of Santa Monica, but instead of making incisive inquiries about whether evaluating well-being is a worthwhile endeavor, two veteran reporters stooped to Fox News lows--indeed, the lowest low there is--to bash a city official in charge of a highly laudable initiative.

Using data that the city collects to evaluate how the city should spend the money to improve the lives of its taxpayers according to a reasonable standard of well being is what cities SHOULD be doing. World class cities undertake such initiatives. This is why the standard of living in places like London, Paris, Munich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, San Francisco and Sydney are so vastly higher than those in regressive places like Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, if one were to believe the irresponsible reporters in this piece, increasing the amounts of parking citations is a better way of operating than analyzing data on how the city operates for signs of failure and indications for improvement.

Most tragically, the two hopelessly out of touch reporters fail to realize that data analysis of the sort that made Bloomberg a billionaire has transformed businesses globally. Bloomberg is correct to demand that it transform government as well.

Thanks to Val and Madeleine, Angelenos can count on heftier parking tickets remaining the norm in the city of "Angels". No, LA should never be like those millionaire hippies in Santa Monica. Angelenos should like their potholes and parking tickets.

You need to apologize to anyone who has sponsored this program for this train wreck.

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