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November 5, 2009

Hundreds of Los Angeles area home owners are being hit with steep fees for flood insurance, but it doesn't add up. FEMA is using 40 year-old maps to declare their neighborhoods as flood zones. Correspondent Judy Muller investigates what the city could have done to intervene, but didn't. Check to find out our interactive map to find out if you're in a flood zone. Also in this episode we explore the seedy underbelly of L.A. crime with longtime crime writer Michael Connelly. He's got a new book out and you can read a few excerpts. And LA Weekly editor Jill Stewart shares a few thoughts and doles out some advice for newly appointed police chief Charlie Beck.

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Good beginning to a story that needs to become more public. I live in Ventura county and will be paying this mandatory "tax" starting Jan 20th. Our group has been trying to pound some sense into FEMA's head regarding the way they calculated this 100 year flood event. They use outdated, circa 1967, USGS studies that warn the user (FEMA) about how inaccurate these studies really are. FEMA won't budge! They are the omnipotent federal agency that can do as they please, we are all but the sheep being lead to slaughter. This 100 year flood event can not be predicted using any amount of statistical data, predicting the perfect storm is barely doable 1 week before it hits, imagine the problems with predicting it in the next 100 years?! Even with 132 years of measured rainfall data vs actual flood levels showing that flooding has never been as severve as they predict, they continue on with their new tax and spend strategy. "How the rest of the US is paying to rebuild New Orleans"

I would like to continue this further with KCET and any other national network at anytime.

The 'Hung out to Dry' piece was excellent. The interviews with the victims of FEMA's irrational decisions and heavy-handed tactics were very well done. A SoCalConnected crew came up here today to do a similar piece, interviewing myself and others who have formed an association and retained legal council to try and stop FEMA from putting us in a floodzone this coming January. I only hope our show comes out as well as "Hung out to Dry.'

Hung out to dry?
A very good report on a subject that has been
overlooked for years.
thank you

I am also a member of an Oxnard group trying to seek justice for our neighborhoods in north Oxnard in regards to being placed in a flood zone based on preliminary studies of the Santa Clara River. I am looking forward to viewing tonight's segment dealing with our concerns about FEMA. Thank you for taking an interest in our dilema.

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