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January 20, 2011

You've got to watch out for more than just road hazards when you're driving around town. First, correspondent Judy Muller examines the business of red light camera tickets. They cost a lot of money, but do they make us any safer? Next, correspondent Laurel Erickson explores the bizarre and punitive world of parking in West Hollywood. And finally, humorist Brian Unger has a few thoughts about his own forte — talking — and when it's just the right time to keep quiet.

UPDATE (6/8/11) - Months after our investigation into the city's use of photo red light cameras, the Los Angeles Police Commission has voted unanimously to get rid of them. That decision will stand — unless the city council votes overwhelmingly to intervene. But key council members say that is unlikely. The cameras could be retired in as little a few weeks.

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Judy Muller mentioned in her report that citations issued by the City of Los Angeles as a result of red light violations caught on camera are not reported to DMV. Is there more information about why this is? Do other cities report similar violations to DMV?

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