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March 27, 2013

Up Front: Sweetheart deals, lucrative contracts, and unpaid loans: it's business as usual in one Los Angeles County's poorest cities.

In the Studio: A lot has changed since the days of "The Cosby Show." Eric Deggans, author of "Race-Baiter," says the quest for bigger audiences is making media stoke the flames of racism.

Kicker: Disgraced four-star general David Petraeus starts his comeback tour a continent away from the scandal that cost him his job.

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Disingenuous piece. I'd call it somewhat sensational actually. The city Compton has many problems, but there seems to be an undercurrent in this expose that suggests other motives for producing it. No fan of Danny Bakewell's, but seems someone targeted him with this piece.

And how do you compare salaries of cities of different sizes, or draw comparisons between cities that are chartered with cities that are not?

Interesting that the LA times did a comparison between chartered cities, and had it served as a reference for this piece, it's possible some of the answers to your questions would have been given.


Yes, it is the cities way of getting Danny Bakewell to pay his debt. If the city removed the liens and paid for the cleanup then why no deposit or escrow account to ensure the installment payments would begin?

The article you link to is from Aug 2010, I have posted the follow up article for Sep 2010 re: Compton salaries specifically

Then in Jan 2011, the mayor wanted to increase his salary to $180k

The measure failed considering the city is broke.

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