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October 14, 2011

Contagious diseases that were long thought to be under control are returning in alarming numbers. Health officials believe these spikes may be a result of more and more parents either waiting to vaccinate or not vaccinating their children at all. As a result, the state of California has mandated the whooping cough vaccine for all students from 7th to 12th grade. Correspondent Laurel Erickson explores why 'Personal Belief Exemptions' have quadrupled in recent years, with some parents more worried about the vaccines than about the diseases they prevent.

In a segment from our ongoing series, Healthwise, we look at the rising rate of diabetes among African-Americans. Today over 3 million black men have the disease — 12 percent in Los Angeles alone. Podiatrist Dr. Bill Releford is dedicated to decreasing that statistic — by making house calls at local barbershops. Anyone who comes by gets a trim, a free check-up, and advice on healthy eating.

Finally, satirist Brian Unger takes on dogs: ya love 'em, ya gotta keep 'em healthy, but ouch!

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