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October 20, 2010

In an area where marijuana, legal or not, has driven the economy for decades, growers, marketers, even chefs are gearing up to cash in if the crop goes legit. Correspondent Judy Muller takes us inside the secluded groves of Humboldt County for an unexpected take on Proposition 19. Next, if you're feeling "prop mania" this election cycle, you may have Paul Mandabach to thank. He's the man we've dubbed "The Godfather of Propositions." Mandabach is often credited with mastering the business of marketing propositions. He talks with anchor Val Zavala for a rare and candid interview. And former Governor Gray Davis speaks from experience about why the next governor will have a much tougher time than he did. He also shares his feelings about Jerry and Meg and gives us his two cents on why California is so ungovernable.

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I wish that there would be a Proposition that would deal with the proposition problem.

Proposition -1.

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