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October 27, 2010

Who should have the power to redraw legislative districts in California? That's the rather simple question behind a confusing pair of props on the November ballot. Correspondent Vince Gonzales helps sort that out in our first segment. Next, whoever wins the honor of serving California this November will also inherit a state full of problems, from massive deficits to high unemployment. Who's the best man, or woman, for the job? That's not so easy to decide, especially when the candidates are heavy on the attack ads and light on policy talk. Correspondent Brian Rooney delves deep into the quagmire of the 2010 election season. And last but not least, Governor Schwarzenegger has hailed AB 32, a 2006 law to combat climate change, as one of his greatest achievements. But a new proposition is asking voters to suspend that law because of the faltering economy. Correspondent John Larson introduces us to the man behind Prop 23 and to one of the measure's more surprising vocal opponents.

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Great now I actually have to register to vote.

Those Canadians, they can't take anything seriously; like their money, the "Loonie."

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