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November 6, 2008

Votes were cast, and history was made - the nation has elected its first black president. In this episode, we bring you an election debriefing. First, correspondent Angie Crouch brings us the story of how Barack Obama's campaign may have been foreshadowed 35 years ago with a Los Angeles mayoral race and how Obama's victory could transform the region's African-American political scene. Next, as the polling booths are packed away and campaign signs come down, one of California's sharpest political analysts, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, offers her closing interpretations of this historic election year. Also, remember the days before YouTube, way back in 2004? No Huffington Post? Network television was still the go-to source for candidate and issue information. Sure, the candidates had cobbled together their own sites, but, as Arianna Huffington notes in a first-person reflection, who could have predicted the impact of the Internet just four years later? Finally, commentator Marcos Villatoro wants to believe there’s a smoother road ahead, despite some rather cynical tendencies.

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