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December 4, 2008

For years, Locke High School in Watts has been a poster child for failing inner city schools. In the summer of 2008, a charter company — Green Dot Public Schools — took over from L.A. Unified and vowed to turn the troubled school around. This is the story of three typical Locke students told in their own way. In their own words.

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This episode has really put an impact on my life. It shows that you can really pursue your goals in life and no matter what it is that you are going through. Now that i have seen this video i feel that i can go on and be a sucessfully person, knowing that i go through some of the same things.

Touching stories. Obviously true, and give a good indication of what they go through.

However, the idea that Green Dot is behind this is absolutely BS.

I would love to see what Green Dot would do if they did not have the option of kicking out the kids who DO NOT comply with their rules.

The story plays as if Green Dot is doing something that LAUSD could not, but the fact is this is like comparing apples with oranges.

Any school that can get rid of their most troublesome kids the way Green Dot does could show this kind of control of the environment as well. Why doesnt someone go in and examine their special education program for example? They are pushing kids out there daily by not providing service and ignoring their needs.

Talk to some of the surrounding schools and see how many Locke kids are flooding in because Locke HAS PUT THEM OUT.

The same type of sympathy this story tries to play up, and
Green Dot exploits for their own promotion, we have on the other side of the coin disenfranchised kids and families being FORCED OUT when they cant or wont comply with Green Dot policies. LAUSD cant do this. LAUSD takes all students and tries to work with them. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Green Dot does not.

Seriously, if there is a real reporter out there, investigate the other side. Research how many students leave Locke in the middle of the year, why, and where they go. Talk to the surrounding schools. Investigate the special education program at Locke. Do a little homework instead of contributing to the Green Dot propaganda.

You always hear about how bad things were at Locke High but it's great to see how much more time is being put in to help these kids develop to there highest potential. And the Locke Saints Marching band has never sounded so great!!! Great job.

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