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December 11, 2008

These days, most everyone is looking for ways to save money. But many people are also looking to make money. When the economy shrinks, what's known as the informal economy swells. Legions of scrappy entrepreneurs make their way in an industry that operates beyond the four walls of conventional commerce. It's a little known world where people buy and resell used goods. And correspondent Angie Crouch explains how, when times get tough, their business starts booming.

Also, Judy Muller follows a day in the life of the Los Angeles Public Library, as regular patron Phillip Saffell shows us how this public space serves as his home.

Plus, there has been justifiable concern in Los Angeles over financial troubles at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Losing MOCA would be a major cultural blow. But another Southern California institution at risk of collapse would leave an even larger hole in the region. Commentator Kevin Roderick gauges the soundness of the local news media.

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