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April 16, 2009

In Southern California, coyote attacks against animals and people have been on the rise in recent years. Correspondent Judy Muller reports that while the levels are not at crisis levels, this rapid increase raises important questions about how seriously to take the coyote threat. Then, the latest in our ongoing coverage of Los Angeles billboard controversy. The city is expected to pass a new sign ordinance. Vince Gonzales reports the clean up may be too late for some residents, who say they are being chased out of town by supergraphics. And finally, there are about 300,000 households in Los Angeles that do not use banks. Many people who deal in cash only fall victim to high fees from check cashing centers and payday lenders. Anchor Val Zavala reports on a campaign to move the un-banked into the financial mainstream.

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For centuries the outer realm of civilization has been the habitat of Coyotes; even the roughest toughest dog is no match for the guile of a coyote. Teased into a chase and nearing it's prey a dog will soon find itself accompanied by the runner coyote's mates and roughed up severly by the pack. From there on the dog may bark and howl at the sight and sound of a coyote but will always have second thoughts on another chase. Smaller more refined pups? No chance. Please do everything you can to protect them against the scoundrel coyotes amongst us.

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