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May 7, 2009

Locke High School sits in the center of rival gang territory in Watts. Fights. Graffiti. Truancy. Apathy. All daily occurrences at the notorious, sprawling campus where students were more likely to drop out than graduate. But now there is a new sheriff in town. Producer Angela Shelley asks if the charter company Green Dot can transform the lives of the kids. We also have an update on Zac Sunderland's solo tour of the world.

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Thank you KCET and producer Angela Shelley for bringing us this compelling story. Locke High is the kind of programming we need to see more of. Because of its presentation, I found myself both riveted and moved by these young students. I hope there are many more seasons of SoCal Connected!

Your producers got to the heart of the matter by getting us to care about the stories told in this episode. We saw their victory as ours and their pain like our own, and nobility in unexpected places. Your producers were insightful and imaginative in getting to the heart of the matter and allowing these stories to unfold. We can see dedicated faculty and articulate students, whose lot it is to be in the reality of a tough environment. We see how they draw from each other and are like wildflowers growing in a desert, altogether lovely and triumphant over its surroundings. May your excellent programming continue to seek out these kind of stories. They are the stuff change is made of. Elder Nichols

This piece brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart. It was told in the most prophetic, honest way.

I certainly hope we see more stories like this!

I just want to say this story touch my heart. It really gave me optimism for the future of Locke HS students. I use to attend Locke High, so I have first hand experience about what really goes on. It brings joy to my heart to know how well it has developed, grown and changed. These students all have potential to do great things. I'm glad to know those stories that people may not hear about, can be told through the eyes of these very students. All the students have their own unique story...and its good to know a group of people found a story that must be told. thank you SO CAL!

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