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September 3, 2009

After another devastating series of wildfires in Southern California, it's clear that our fire season is now year-round. We must come to grips with where and how we build our homes and who is going to pay for the skyrocketing costs of firefighting. We'll meet a woman whose house was consumed by wildfires and has become one of California's leading advocates of insurance reform. And while fires are dangerous to our lives and properties, they are also a natural cleanser. That's a strange notion for urban folk, and little consolation for our neighbors who have lost their homes. But every year we're faced with this. The bigger we grow, the closer we get to the source of the flames. To see how close check out a montage of photos and video of The Station Fire from Angelenos posting on Vimeo and Flickr.

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What was the musical composition and who was the composer of the choral piece used in Steve Profitt's people's media segment. Those scenes were definitely Nature's Dies Ire!


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