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Get Involved - Mama Hill and Mortgages

If you'd like to get involved with Mama Hill and her program, you can do so directly at Mama Hill's Help. Housing and community group ACORN provides a broad range of services, including frst-time home-buyer seminars in both English and Spanish. The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles has an Eviction Defense Center that helps people with Section 8 housing, habitability issues, rent control, and 30-day notices. In addition to attorneys, they need volunteers to help elderly, disabled, or single parent tenants move, participate in presentations and help in educational seminars.

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A very good question. I have to take the fact that he let me bang on the drums in the house every day for ten years as some sort of encouragement, and the opposite - if he had steered me into a particular field - I'm sure would have been worse. I think he thought of us kids as experiments and wanted to let the experiment play itself out.

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