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It's Not About Me...

Image courtesy Roz Lee

Roz Lee, whom you met in the SoCal Connected segment "Down But Not Out," gives us another update on her search for work.

It has been several weeks since my last post. I cannot begin to tell you how disheartened I am that I cannot report having found a new job, or being secure with my living situation. I still have not found a job, and I am still walking on egg shells with my landlord. At some point, the scales will tip, and I know that I need to be prepared for the worse if I do not find employment. More importantly, I am concerned realizing that the issues I face are not mine alone.


Over the past few weeks, I have had peaks of great expectation met with lows of uncertainty and wonder. I wonder why I still have not found a job. I wonder how much higher food costs will go, and I wonder why is it, in fact, that when I go to the store, not only are there higher prices...but I'll be darned if there is not also less food! I wonder how long America can rest on the facade of being "okay", when clearly, we need an economic extreme makeover that transcends from our homes into the global economy. I wonder...where is my safety net; the one I thought I had when I was laid off over a year ago? Where is the assistance that I so easily need, but am not prepared to lie or cheat for? I wonder, where is the end to this madness, and how am I going to make it in the meantime. At the end of everyday, after pondering these questions in my head, I look at the news, I talk to friends and family, and I realize it's not about me. There is an issue that is arising that warrants consideration from everyone- not just me.


Since it's original soar in August 2008, the unemployment rate has remained unchanged at 7.7% [EDITOR'S NOTE: Roz sent this post in before this week's jump in unemployment numbers.], it's highest rate since March of 1996. When I hear about so many of my friends and family losing their jobs, or having a hard time making ends meet with the jobs they have, I can't help but to become concerned. Catholic Relief Services states that, "An increasing demand for food and energy at a time of low food stocks, poor harvests and weak credit have led to record prices for oil and food." If food prices are set to stabilize in 2015 (some may even argue that 2015 would be about 3 years too late), then what does the next seven years hold for us? Much tribulation I suppose. This is how I know my concerns and issues are not of my own. I share them with all of you, with Joe the Plumber, with teachers, lawyers, millionaires, and the poor.


I am grateful for the revelation. Something about the scope of the problems brings me assurance, because there is strength in numbers. I have received such an outpouring from people; a kind word is very therapeutic to give as well as receive I have received gifts of food, money, and favors from friends and strangers knowing in my heart that they all have a need of their own, too. It's not about me. It's about all of us. I honor the part I play in being a testimony, and I am grateful for the parts all of you play in being an additional voice. As long as we continue to seek enlightenment over false gratification ( overindulgence in food, television, drink, or drugs), and are open to the fact that it could get worse before it gets better, but will get better.


For me, THE most important aspect to have in place is your spiritual alignment. It's funny...I am not making the money I used to, nor have the career I used to- but I am SO MUCH more secure. I have not had a stressful day where I am truly anxious over how things will turn out. I am not crippled by insecurities, confusion, doubt, or fear even though I could easily look at the surmounting bills and be so concerned. I cannot imagine going through this without having the anchor of the Lord in my life well established, so as not to sink in desperation. Instead, I am able to float on faith. I can look at my life, and see where my prayers are being answered, despite circumstances that may otherwise seem foreboding. I am so grateful for that.

I am not discouraged by hardships, I am encouraged by the path they create. I hope that me sharing some of this is able to encourage all of you if you are looking at your life wondering " What in the heck just happened!"  Be grateful, and it will only get BETTER!!!

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"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama's new chief of staff.

I believe that in times like these, we become stronger and the community comes together to help one another out. We learn not to take anything for granted, not to waste, and the value of saying "I love you" and "I appreciate you".

Your words are inspirational and thank you for sharing them with us.
:O) Ophelia

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