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Morrison: A Personal Appeal for Reform

Two-thirds of all American bankruptcy cases involve medical bills. Grandma has Medicare, but her grandchildren may be uninsured. And even if you have insurance, you often have to fight tooth and nail to get your provider to pay for your care. Commentator Patt Morrison recently had surgery, and now, more than ever, she's wondering why we all know the health care delivery system is deeply ill, yet we are so resistant to finding a cure.

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Its a shame that we as americans can allow a small segment of the population to spread fear on an issue such as health care.
The bill in congress is not perfect, it is a start. There has never been a perfect bill, and there will never be one.
The republicans have been good at talking points.
The say things like "it will cost too much" but presently, the cost of health care is too high, and most people die unecessarily beacuse they are denied coverage, or cannot get coverage at all, due to pre-existing conditions.
Most americans do not know or cannot remember, that before President REGAN,and deregulation, the health insurance companies were mostly NON-profit.So when Republicans talk about socialized medicine, they are ignoring the key facts that, insurance companies should not be allowed to make money on the backs of sick people.
Also we need to recognize that the process been used by democrates, which is been called deals, is the same process used by Republicans many many times during the Bush years.
Politics is the art of dealmaking. Those who think dealmaking is bad should find other professions.

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