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in Vitro Fertizilation: A Timeline

Today, in vitro fertilization has helped millions of couples achieve their dream of having children. What is now routine was earth-shaking just three decades ago. And the scientific journey, from the earliest experiments in fertilization outside the womb, to the development of highly technical reproductive technologies, took more than a century.

Scroll through the panel above to see some of the milestones in the development of IVF.

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I missed your show & I was interested in this subject as I just went through in vitro yesterday. My husband & I have been trying for 3 yrs & we have been uncessful & we finally decided to go through this roller coaster. I've been researching it for sometime & we couldn't afford the expense in the U.S so we found one in Ensenada, MX & decided to do it. Now it's up to god & were anxiously waitting the results.

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