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Driving While Distracted: Hands-Free

*Update: The consensus is building that talking or texting while driving has become a major safety hazard. This week the U.S. took a major step toward outlawing the use of cell phones while driving. The National Transportation Safety Board is urging all states to ban drivers from talking on the phone — including the use of hands free devices and texting.

Correspondent Angie Crouch reports on what even a few seconds of distracted driving can mean.

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I know the man in the video who had his mobility taken from him by a driver talking on the phone. What a tragedy for such an active man. I hope people will watch this video and then think very carefully the next time they have the compulsion to talk on the phone while driving, particularly in the heavy traffic of the LA area.


I hate to say it , but nothing will change because we have become to selfish of a country. People would rather risk YOUR LIFE then give up a needless toy.

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