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Texting While Driving

Here's a dilemma. You've been at a party. You need a ride home. One friend offers, but you can tell she's had too much to drink. Another is known to do a lot of texting while driving. Either way, you're in trouble. As correspondent Vince Gonzales found out, the texter could be just as dangerous, or even more so, than the drunk.

For this story, SoCal Connected teamed up with Car and Driver magazine to find out just how dangerous it can be to text while driving.

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I recently came across a blog post in consumer reports about a new free mobile phone application to help combat distracted driving called that reads your texts and emails to you while you are driving.

It looked pretty interesting so I tried it. I have a BlackBerry and it has really helped me when I’m on the road because it keeps me from texting while driving. It works through my Bluetooth and it can actually send an auto-response to the sender. I’ve had some fun with customizing the auto-response messages. I’m not that technical but it’s easy to use. I recommend people checking out

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