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Your Turn to Care: Cora

Cora Kreachbaum and her caregiver husband Terry throw a "life celebration" party with loved ones as the end of her life draws near. Part of our continuing series on aging and elder care, "Your Turn to Care."

It is with deep sadness that we hear of the passing of our dear friend Cora Kreachbaum. Cora passed away this weekend at her home surrounded by her family. We want to thank Cora for allowing "Your Turn To Care" to feature her story and bring attention to the growing palliative and hospice care choices available for terminally ill patients.

Cora's amazing strength and generosity are evident in this video, where she gathered her family and friends to say her final good byes and gave each of them an opportunity to reflect on their own lives. A wonderful gift from a remarkable woman.

Our heart goes out to Cora's family and friends.

-"Your Turn to Care" Staff

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