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The Renter

Keith Woodard says he learned the hard way that even a renter can lose a dream home. His only consolation is “cash-for-keys” - a term banks use when an occupant gets a one-time cash offer to move out of a property rather than have to go through the full eviction process. Woodard’s story will make you think twice before spending a bundle of money on a house that isn’t yours.

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Such a touching story. There should be more laws that protect
the consumer from frauds like this. but what they do have is
a million and one laws and penaltys agaist the consumer when
they don't obey the lender's want for obsessive profit.
I look forward to being aware of stories like this.

Very touching story. I too have had to deal with this and dealing with it again. Two years ago I moved from Louisville, KY to Sacramento. Paid deposit, first months rent, long distance moving truck and eight plane tickets to California. I have custody of five of my grandchildren due to abuse and neglect plus one of my daughter's and her daughter came with us. I moved to get the kids away from all of the negative influences in KY to deal with this. I am an aspiring screenwriter, have a new minsitry that will help abused and neglected children and an on line family magazine. I don't have finances to move again. I found a home at the last minute before we were about to be evicted from the first house. That was two years ago and we are going through it again. Just moved into a home on Dec 20 and found out that it is near foreclosure. I don't have family here and no where to go. I don't know what we are going to do at this point. It is so sad that people are doing this to other people, especially when they have a family. It is a shame that people can be so heartless.

Great program!Shows that not only are homeowners are affected but renters as well by the storm of foreclosures

Very sad indeed. This happens alot & it shouldn't. As a local investor, I see this too much. I am working diligently to provide more affordable housing. I know Mike Kazmier personally & he is always talking about how much he hates this part of his job. This is a really good portrayal of what is happening out there with renters.

Kudos to Keith for his upbeat attitude after one person made his life crumble due to complete dishonesty. It's so unfortunate that bad things have to happen to good people. Thank goodness for the "bright spot" realtor, Mike Kazmier.And for having so much compassion. I'm sure things will turn around soon for Keith and his family.

I don't mean to make slight of the problems of people effected by the real estate mess. There is one thing however I don't understand. In this whole show all I saw large houses, ploppled too close to each other. They must be 2-3,000 square feet. Why people felt they needed these huge houses on the first place? In The Renter part, did a young couple with really have to rent a huge house? Why not rent a smaller one, or god forbid a two bedroom apartment, and instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, save some money for rainy days?

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