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Dissing Distracted Driver Shriver

Maria Shriver

The Crime
Maria Shriver has been caught three times. On camera. Talking on her handset. While driving. The shame. The horror.

The Investigator
The celebrity Web mag TMZ first published a couple of still shots of the Terminatress jawboning on her hand-held yesterday. Then they followed it up with a short, extremely low-quality video.

The Response
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, via Twitter, promises "swift action" in response to the violations.

TMZ, perhaps influenced by SoCal Connected's reporting on the topic of distracted drivers, has pulled out all the stops on this story, and is expected to demand Shriver's resignation and encourage the Legislature to meet in special session and pass a measure banning her from the state.

Catch TMZ's team coverage on this important, fast-breaking story here.

But There's More
If you love this story, you can thank your lucky stars you live in the Internet Age.

So, if you''re already bored with pictures of people who look vaguely like Maria Shriver engaging in illicit telecommunications, may we recommend:

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