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How To Help Quake-Rattled Haitians


When news of a major earthquake in Haiti broke, many in these parts took notice. Southern Californians are all too familiar with powerful tremors.

Many are opening their hearts and some are opening their wallets to help out victims of the Haiti quake.

A wide variety of organizations are collecting donations to provide help to Haitians in need. Here's a short list of links to a few:



Catholic Relief Services

American Jewish World Service

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Mercy Corps

International Rescue Committee

Also, the Red Cross has a program that allows you to send a $10 contribution to their Haitian relief fund. Just text 'Haiti" to 9099. Or you can donate at their Web site.

There is, as to be expected, a very active Twitter stream on Haiti. Along with news from the island, many tweets concern ways to contribute. And has a continually updated collection of pictures sent via Twitter of the devastation in Haiti.

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