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LA Council Passes Medi-Pot Ordinance


Voting 9-3, without debate, the Los Angeles City Council approved a new medical marijuana ordinance this morning. If it withstands legal challenges, it could force the closure of hundreds of dispensaries, and impose tough standards on those allowed to continue operating.

City officials say they believe more than 500 pot shops may be forced to close under the terms of the new ordinance. Hundreds of clinics opened in the past four years, while the council passed, and then failed to enforce, a moratorium on new cannabis outlets.

The ordinance approved today requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from sites such as schools, parks and libraries. And it also forbids a clinic from operating within 1000 feet of another pot shop.

Although the council approved the measure today, there's still more to be done before it goes into effect. The council must approve fees it will charge operators of the clinics - fees which are designed to pay for the cost of monitoring the cannabis clubs. And the ordinance will require the mayor's signature. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to sign it.

Below is a copy of the ordinance (you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader to view it).

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You're Up in Smoke report was sorely lacking in journalistic integrity. You failed to interview a single patient or activist nor reported on how this ordinance will effect medical marijuana patients nor did you report on the fact that this ordinance effectively will force all dispensaries in Los Angeles to close, as will be the case in Eagle Rock.

By only interviewing the people and agencies that are clearly opposed to medical marijuana, you patently endorse this position. More disturbing is that you listed your journalism awards after this segment.

Now you are no different than Fox News and I have lost my respect for KCET and PBS.


David Lizama

"SoCal Connected" deserves to win an Emmy and a boatload of other awards for your coverage of the Los Angeles medical marijuana mess. You broke numerous stories regarding this complicated issue, and did a fantastic job explaining what was really going on. Because of your coverage, the L.A. City Council was pushed to finally do their job and pass an ordinance. This is public affairs journalism at its finest. Thank you "SoCal Connected"!

I'm wondering if there is a reporter out there who has the cojones to ask the politicians and pot "clinic" operators about the entire charade of "medical marijuana". "Medical marijuana" was a fantastic legal gimmick that worked in conveying the people's understanding of how ridiculous marijuana laws are. It is now time to ask the real question: shall we legalize marijuana or not?

Clearly, we are headed in that direction. So, why are we still playing along with this ridiculous "medical marijuana" spiel?

Does SoCal connected have the guts to tackle the issue head on?

As for the LA city council's failure to act on pot dispensaries, is anyone really surprised? This is the political apparatus that has yet to act to make development sane and to make transportation in the LA basin practical fully thirty years after everything went to hell. Can't they read the population projections from the Census Bureau like everyone else and plan accordingly?

Apparently not. It took them 10 years to realize that there is a huge demand for pot in LA.

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