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SoCal Wins 6 Golden Mike Awards

SoCal Connected brought home six Golden Mike Awards for 2009, more than any other television news outlet in Southern California.

The awards, announced Saturday by The Radio & Television News Association of Southern California, included Best News Public Affairs Program, Best News Special, Best Hard News Reporting, Best Light News Reporting, Best Individual Writing, and Best Original News Commentary.

SoCal Connected is honored to receive six Golden Mike Awards,” said Bret Marcus, the show's executive producer and senior vice president of programming and production at KCET. “SoCal Connected is committed to bringing viewers stories that can make a difference in their lives, and we’re proud to be recognized for our efforts.”

Below are links to the winning segments and series.

Best News Public Affairs Programming

"Is Anybody Listening?" - Correspondent John Larson follows the students at Village Academy High in Pomona as they produce an eight-minute video about their personal struggles in a down economy. He's still with them when their video goes viral and gets the attention of President Obama.

Best News Special

Inside Locke High - Correspondent Angela Shelley profiles a group of teens at Locke High, a school where students are more likely to drop out than graduate.

Best Hard News Series Reporting

Billboard Confidential - Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports on a two-month investigation, looking at the political alliances—so-called “sweetheart deals”—that have brought billboards to virtually every neighborhood in the city. Here's the full series:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Best Light News Series Reporting

The Year Of Living Dangerously - Correspondent Angie Crouch reports through interviews and remarkable home video shot at sea by sailor Zac Sunderland, the youngest person to sail around the world solo. Here's the full series:
Original Report | First Update | Second Update | Zac's Return

Best Individual Writing

Safe Haven - Correspondent Judy Muller investigates a day in the life of the Los Angeles Public Library, as Phillip Saffell shows us how this public space serves as his home and workspace.

Best Original News Commentary

Commentaries - Marcos Villatoro, David Lazarus, Jill Stewart and Patt Morrison were recognized for their work. Here are some samples:
Marcos Villatoro | David Lazarus | Jill Stewart | Patt Morrison

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Thanks for your SoCal program! Especially last nights excellent program on Hollywood and the Medical Marijuana dispensaries! It was great to see our City Councilmembers at work, doing something important for the good of the city. Please do more stories that make Los Angeles a better city to live in. We love to see our elected officials doing the work they were elected to do! AT LAST some good news! Please continue to follow up on the progress on this issue.

Hi L.M.!

You've got that wrong.

I have been watching their crusade against pot shops in LA. This is the worst reporting I have seen on KCET in decades of watching.

Don’t you realize how terribly unjust it is that young people are being sentenced to prison for the possession of that substance? By trashing pot shops they are working against the gradual shift in California public opinion away from pot as a misnamed “dangerous drug.” In my opinion, they are ruining KCET’s image as a progressive TV station, which tries to contribute something good to the community. That reporting reminds me of the stupidity of the prohibition crusaders. Do you know what socially harmful effects their misguided do-gooding had? Don’t they have any sense of proportion?

William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.

La Canada, CA

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