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A Texter's Confession

You may have read about Utah's tough new law against texting while driving. It specifies long prison sentences - of up to ten years - for texting drivers who cause fatal accidents.

But the state is also leading the way with an education program called Zero Fatalities. Launched by the Utah Department of Public Safety, it's goal is to change the perception that traffic fatalities are inevitable, and the result of "accidents." In fact, the program points out, most traffic "accidents" are actually the willful act of a driver who has allowed themselves to become distracted. The distraction could be anger or alcohol or lack of sleep. Or it could be texting.

Zero Fatalities produced this powerful video about the impact of one texting-while-driving accident.

SoCal Connected on KCET

The Utah program has already caught the attention of other states. Arizona is developing its own Zero Fatalities program, and Utah officials hope their idea will serve as a model for safe driving programs nationwide.

For more information, visit the Zero Fatalities Web site.

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