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California Supreme Court Considering Whether City, State, or Federal Law Defines Legality of Medical Marijuana

Under California law, it's legal to buy medical marijuana, but it's not so under federal law. That's why some localities have banned pot shops.

California's highest court heard arguments Tuesday over whether cities can do that. In essence, the court will decide, when it comes to medical marijuana, whether federal or state laws prevail here in California, and whether cities can regulate dispensaries through zoning laws.

Madeleine talks to LMU's Jessica Levinson to find out which way the legislation will turn,

You can follow Jessica on Twitter at @LevinsonJessica.

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This is a long time coming. I am a 60 yr old grandma and I want to see cannabis legal before I die. I worked Hospice for a few years and there is nothing better when you are passing than a little puff. As long as I can can swallow, I will puff, no finer medicine on Earth than Cannabis.

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