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Rising Tuition and Growing Food Insecurity Make Free Food Pantries Vital for Some Students

Finding one nutritious meal a day, let alone three, is becoming an ever more difficult task for many college students who face rising tuition and growing food insecurity. The Westside Food Bank in Santa Monica provides canned food, fruits, and vegetables to the free food pantry at UCLA. Val Zavala talks to the food bank's director of development, Genevieve Riutort, to find out just how essential their services have become.

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It is ridiculous if someone has a 'stigma' they associate with eating.

This is even one reason even FOOD banks have food they throw out and no one takes. But as a dumpster diver expressed, you start pointing fingers at particular places, they LOCK their dumpsters. Ridiculous. What a ridiculous mentality we have created. While millions go hungry.

Who ARE you people?

We have created an environment where it is okay to throw out food and here, we have an example of someone needing food and being uncomfortable getting what they need. As if needing to be 'down on one's luck' is the only reason to eat food that is being wasted, otherwise.

I have seen romaine lettuce, cherries, pumpernickel bread, and an assortment of foods in dumpsters that people could eat but don't.

Due to society's 'stigmas' about eating food.



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