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Tsing Loh: Schools

Sandra Tsing Loh on someone you rarely hear from in public education debates -- the parents!

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Thanks Sandra. Totally agree. Frustrated mom in Burbank, Ca. We have our own district but feel your pain with unions and budget cuts of sort. They want us parents the one's without the union to man the packets for the middle schools, man the return of packets along with the pick up of packets, they love our free help but when we ask for what we want they seem to not show the love back. I have donated many countless ours at both son's schools. I hate the budget cuts and can't seem to know why the politicians don't get what actually goes on in these schools. My son has had some great teachers but how long will it last if they keep taking things away from our kids.
Thanks for speaking up. It is truly appreciated.

I am inspied by Sandra's commentary.How can we build on her commentary? Where are the other like-minded parents? There are 700,000-plus children and famimlies in LAUSD!

Please advise.

David L.Cummings

We can be thankful that Sandra had only 2:45 mins of air time to complain. People like her are far too eager to spend time complaining than offering solutions. What amuses me is the lack of humility ($20K for private kinder school?) and ignorance (fees to consultants) on her part. What can a private kinder school provide than a public school can't? specially when you live in an area with good public schools. Or, the gripe about consultants...who would be responsible for professional development? other teacher? or worse, administrators? Perhaps, Sandra should check her arguments before she goes public with them. On the other hand, this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion. God bless America!!!

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