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Frazer: Oscars and the Economy

With our nation's economy in shambles, it makes commentator Brian Frazer wonder how these tough times will affect our most affluent of celebrations: The Oscars.

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I really enjoyed this! Also, I heard even the price of Charles Shaw has gone up in this economy!

He's REALLY funny. loved it!!

Right on, Mr. Frazier! DK

I know he was going for humor, but really, don't fire the musicians--we need the work! (as do the the caterers and others in service related industries). We need the movie stars and people who actually still have money and steady incomes to keep spending it--it's not time for them to start economizing!

Was channel surfing and landed on this...thought it was a "Daily Show" thing and started watching. Funny! Laughed at the concept of replacing the orchestra with "Samantha Ronson and an i-Pod". But I do take Dawn's point: musicians need the work. So maybe in Brian's scenario, the musicians could do double duty as extras in the slums of Mumbai set.

The orchestra is the soul of the show..of any real show. You are off base by suggesting elimination of the musician. You disappoint me and I'm sure many other listeners by make such a statement..... bah humbug......

Dale -- Brian was joking about getting rid of the orchestra. This is a humorous piece. There's no way they'd get rid of the orchestra, make the set look like a slum, have brad, frank and mickey carpool, and give out schlitz cans as trophies.

hysterical!! i agree. they need to tone down the opulence and focus on what's important. they really should share rides and arrive together in hybrids! they ought to wear clothes from thrift stores.

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