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Lazarus: A Paycheck and a Health Plan

L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus wonders if finding a job you love is even possible in this economy: "A paycheck and a health plan--that's what it comes down to. If you can add passion to the mix, more power to you."

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Somehow I heard Mr. Lazarus comments twice and found them to be a very sad commentary on the country, journalists, a PBS station appealing for contributions to sustain this kind of programming.

The essence of his comment on what to look for in a job was that you couldn't expect to get one you really liked, so be satisfied with a paycheck and medical insurance. In other words focus on what the job can provide you -- that's all.

What ever happened to the idea of adopting a job as an invitation to do your very best - to improve on the way it was being done - on using it as a stepping stone for something even more interesting -- on learning from the experience things that might enable you to start into a further realm. In other words what what can you do for and with the job.

These attitudes may sound pollyanish, but after a fairly long lifetime I can testify as to their desirability and to the unfortunate decline of their populatity.

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