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Villatoro: Dream!

Marcos Villatoro’s sixteen-year-old daughter wants to move to New York and sell drawings on the street while learning how to survive from the homeless. Villatoro says he's prepping himself to allow his children to follow their dreams and passions, even if they take them to places he’s not comfortable with.

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Very inspiring. As a parent of a rebellious 22 year old, your commentary opened my mind. The problem was probably not my daughter but me. I was trying to hold on as long as I could for fear of loosing her in a very "dangerous world" or perhaps my perception of it. I had fun and crazy times when I was 22 and I feel i am being selfish for not letting her explore what the real world has for her. I will always remember 'Your children will be my revenge'. That alone put me at ease for I know she will eventually understand the reason for my actions and reactions. Thank you for answering the hidden question that is on my mind 24/7, "why is she punishing me like this?" I just have to let go. More power to your show!!!

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