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Villatoro: Our Relationship With Fire

Fire is a natural cleanser. That's a strange notion for urban folk, and little consolation for our neighbors who have lost their homes. But every year we're faced with this. The bigger we grow, the closer we get to the source of the flames.

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Hated this. Why do I have to hear about a nun from the Bel Air fire many years ago when there are stories needing to be told right now. I live in Tujunga, it was a war zone from Thursday - Tuesday. Why aren't you interviewing what's happening now?

I enjoyed and related to his comments. We want our independence, the ability to live where I want to live, and them blame everybody else when something goes wrong. I went through this in 2007 living on the edge of the Santiago fire and came to the realization that I was the one who put me here. There's dry bush on the hills behind me, earthquake faults below me, and we've even had an occasional tornado descend from above. If we think we can control nature we kid ourselves.

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