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Villatoro: Three Little Pills

Every day, writer Marcos Villatoro takes three little pills. Those pills are, he says, the difference between living a normal, productive life, and falling into a deep, dark abyss.

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Thanks so very much for your incisive commentary on the psychiatric pills that keep you sane and for being so very open about your own struggle with depression.

I am a former Professor with deep episodic depression who wound up on L.A.'s skid row when my illness made it totally impossible for me to continue to earn a living.

Fortunately, I beat long odds and found a FREE source of psychiatric medication and psychological help that enabled me to crawl out of my depression and begin to live a fully normal, highly productive life again.

But there are literally tens of thousands of bright, inherently valuable people just like YOU and ME whom our society has just ignored, and who are condemned to wander the mean Los Angeles streets in the worst, most dangerous sections of our city.

This man should win an award for this piece alone. He is a very brave man. He is pure.

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