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Villatoro: My Adopted Daughter

Marcos Villatoro's daughter is now almost a grown woman, and very much an L.A. native. But she's adopted and was born in Guatemala. He shares his story of coming to grips with the fact that she is neither this, nor that — but both.

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Your story was so beautifully told...we as individuals should not be placed in one "type" but rather more as we are a weave of being.

What a way to contribute to the move to erase American Sovereignty KCET!!! This 'Cult of multiculturalism' you are promoting is undermining U.S. sovereignty. Imagine if all the immigrants back in the 20's called themselves only half americans. WWII would have been lost.

There is a reason you fled your crime infested dirt hole. Reflect on that awhile back there if you cant pledge 100% allegiance to this great nation!!!! We are a nation bonded by a common language, culture, manners and customs. If you dont agree, seek the exit lane of the border fast!!

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