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Obituary: A Farewell to Huell Howser, a True Part of 'California's Gold'

Huell Howser, our friend and longtime colleague here at KCET, has passed away at the age of 67. He had recently announced his retirement. Huell was one of a kind - a down-home folksy voice bringing us the hidden treasures of California for three decades.

He will be greatly missed.

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Beautiful show last night.


Truly sorry, shocked that Huell Howser has departed too soon, too soon. His unique, always friendly, reliably cheerful spirit was valued and deeply appreciated in this world. Thank you Mr Howser in sharing with us your many gifts. I miss you already.


I grew up watching Ralph Story here in Los Angeles.
Huell picked up Ralph’s mantel and took it to another level.
I miss them both, but I look forward to see who will our next great evangelist.


Hearing that there was to be no memorial got me thinking. What came to mind was two things, first that quality not quanity matters. What a life he must have enjoyed doing what he obviously loved as well as the places and people he visited. I had the honor of crossing paths with Mr. Howser several times and always saw smiles from all and the happiness of seeing a good old friend, not just a celebrity sighting. Second, remembering "Sunday School" days that we are created in Gods image and this world is our gift convinces me surely that Huell's wonderful efforts profiling our Creators works surely awards him the legacy of a life well done.

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