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A Soldier's Story

The numbers are alarming. One in seven female service members will be a victim of military sexual trauma, or MST. And many of those women will never report their attacks. Once stateside, female vets may have trouble finding the expert care they need to treat the trauma.

One of the few residential treatment facilities for MST is in Long Beach, VA. It is there homeless female vets begin 12 weeks of intensive therapy, learning practical skills to deal with the shame, guilt and blame that goes along with being a victim of rape. Many of these women also experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which compounds the problem.

We take a rare glimpse into the treatment program with the help of Brave New Foundation. Female veteran Angie Peacock documented her stay at the Long Beach, VA Renew program and videotaped her experience. Her experience highlights the specialized needs of female veterans.

About the Renew program in Long Beach, VA
United States government Accountability Office's July 2008 Report on Militry Sexual Assault (pdf)
Press release detailing Congresswoman Jane Harman's proposed legislation on MST

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This helped me understand how and what can happen to female veterans. I better understand the trauma,the reality of living with the fallout, and the beginning of healing after watching the story. I really like the story because I connected with Angie, and am so pulling for her. The resource list provided is helpful too.

I was moved by this piece, it's important to get out this information. I had no idea what amazing things the Renew program is doing for women vets with no where else to turn.

Another powerful resource:
Try it on everything! Why not? And it can even be FUN.
Please pass this on to Angie and all the helpers at the clinic featured in your great piece.
Thank you for being!

Wake up ladies. You join a male (military) world, you are not required to attain the same physical standards, and you wonder why you can not fend off an assault! Are you dreaming? Get self-defense training before you join the military. Or demand an all female military group. OH Wait! You don't want that, do you? You won't have access to fast baby-making, take time off you active duty (that's dedication to your mission) and sock the tax-payer for the unending cost of raising YOUR kids.
Forget the military. Work for world peace or something that doesn't cost the taxpayers their investment in your training.
Charlene V. USA (ret)

Charlene-I was trained in hand-to-hand combat, was drugged, and don't have any kids.

Any more intelligent solutions to make it ok for ANY man to rape a woman?

Thanks for airing the piece on women in the military. It sheds light on how mistreated our women are that sacrifice so much. It is unfortunate that they have no where to really turn. This is one shame of our country.

I was honored to be part of Angie's story. I am committed to stopping the rape against all women. Remember--
"Only when the hearts of women are trampled into the ground can a Nation be destroyed!" Anonymous

Women are the future. We raise the children. The violence against women must stop!

Charlene or what ever needs a reallity check seems she has no heart or she would not say something like that. I grew up in a military family and want to say it is hard enough for that. I personally do not believe in military life but those who do deserve our respect to. I am glad Angela got her life back as best she could with our furry helper friend.

Angela, I was recently made aware of your experience during our unit's sexual assault prevention briefing and saddened by the entire situation. It is never ok for ANYONE to be doing any raping and that individual should have been brought to justice. Fortunately you were able to locate and receive the help you needed. I praise you for your service to your country and your bravery.

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