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Pot Luck

In an area where marijuana, legal or not, has driven the economy for decades, growers, marketers, even chefs are gearing up to cash in if the crop goes legit. Correspondent Judy Muller takes us inside the secluded groves of Humboldt County for an unexpected take on Proposition 19. Who gets rich if weed is legal? Will big farmers, lawyers and lobbyists feast on the profits? Will the state's cities and counties benefit or get buried in an avalanche of legal wrangling?

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Excellent, thanks so much!
Another Emmy for So Cal Connected?


Nice Piece. All the new business opportunities, from farming to food, plants to parties, are very exciting and bode well for further economic development on the North Coast.


I think I'd rather vote to legalize Hemp before Cannabis. There are other ways compensate for a sluggish economy.

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