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Reefer Madness

If you thought the dust had settled around the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, think again. Despite a new law regulating the clinics and a lottery to help decide which ones can remain open, any signs of progress in reining in their number seem to have vanished. Correspondent Judy Muller updates us on the on-going saga of L.A.'s reefer madness.

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Great coverage of this controversial subject!
People need to be made more aware of marijuana's sometimes harmful effects on young people:
After three years of chronic marijuana smoking at college, my son had a manic breakdown and was involuntarily admitted to a mental institution under California's 5150 law. His family had always suspected that he might have a predisposition to Bipolar Disorder, but the marijuana triggered a complete break from reality, resulting in Schizo-Affective symptoms. He was given high doses of anti-psychotics and now, after over 6 months of psychiatric treatment he is beginning to regain his mental health. However, this has cost him: his college has told him to leave and not come back until he is marijuana-free. And after wasting his scholarship and grants to college smoking pot, my son has no more money to pay for his education, and neither do I, his mother.
Scientific research is showing that marijuana can trigger bipolar and schizophrenia in about 10% of the population of young people (please see the statistics at Parents and law-makers need to know this, and so-called doctors who freely prescribe marijuana to young people should be held accountable if their patients become mentally ill.


Great story. You guys know how to cut through the bs and tell the story that all Angelenos know, but are reluctant to admit to.
Medical marijuana is a blight and L.A. City is incapable of controlling it.

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