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Rudolf "Rudy" Montiel is out. The former head of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles had enjoyed a fat-cat employment package while overseeing the agency responsible for providing shelter to L.A.'s most vulnerable residents. Now he's at the center of controversy, but he may not be alone.

For this installment of our on-going investigative series, "Show Me the Money," we spent six months reviewing the documents of HACLA's leaders. Now, correspondent Laurel Erickson details how city agencies have been spending (or misspending) taxpayer dollars, and you may be shocked to find out where the money's going.

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As a HACLA employee I have been suing them to return to work since 2006, they have now claimed that I was made a permanent employee by clerical error, however, I took and passed the public exams (written and oral), had been working in the position for over two years, and several officials had to sign off on the change of status form. Joseph L. Stark, the attorney paid $204,100. per your video, is the attorney HACLA even paid to appeal my unemployment in May 2005, the first time they refused to allow me to return to work after a temporary disability. They claimed I was not eligible for unemployment because I had not quit, I had not been terminated, and was disabled; yet they refused to allow me to return. I am being deemed a whistle-blower. I told Montiel in a company meeting that HACLA was in violation of a Federal Mandate for low income tenants. See Superior Court case: BC352769; BC452009; BS131048; US Federal District Court Case: CV07-7632-GW(CW), how can they justify what they are doing to an employee who passed all the exams, worked for several years, was off on temporary disability, then cleared to return to work by some of their own doctors? Retaliation and discrimination, that's how!


Federal Agencies must Investigate and prosecute City Officials who abuse their power to enrich themselves from money they receive from the Tax payers.These individuals should be treated as common criminals the only difference between a public official and a common offender is the way they look and dress.


You did an almost great job on your investigation, but there's so much more. I have written you emails because WE NEED YOUR HELP! WHILE Montiel was still with HACLA, he hired a 'so-called' property management company, or I should say extended them a one year contract, with 2 one year options. THEY are still here, REALLY HERE. They are simply laundering money. I'm getting worn out talking about it and begging for help. I have live in this building owned by LOMOD Property Investments (who magically became a non-profit under Montiel, who's sidekick Villaraigosa more than likely got this to happen). Now they call themselves HACLA and don't pay taxes on their huge profits. THEY profess that they reinvest the profits back into housing, but housing still hasn't provided anything at all to the buildings, individual apartments or tenants. TELACU gave the tenants here a big con job speech (strangely familiar to the one from Montiel when we first HAD to switch to Sec. 8 from Conventional Housing, at which time everything here was great! I never wanted Sec. 8 because people lose it when there are cutbacks, but we had no choice under Montiel... but he had bigger plans for us with TELACU. Having this mega giant corporation 'acting as' a management service, he was able to show the need for more money to HUD if he could get them to change us to a unit-based Section 8. Of course the tenants had no idea how much this was going to screw us over. WE DID NOT GET A DEGREE IN HOUSING CORRUPTION! They had us sign new leases, little did we realize we were giving up our personal Section 8 Vouchers, so that now it's impossible to move unless we wait a year and apply all over again. We are old, sick and tired here, and they exploit that. But we are NOT stupid. Now they only care about the units and not the tenants. They spend every penny on themselves, they have taken over our building with offices for themselves, took away our computer room and storage rooms. Have promised to give this 200 unit building more than 4 washers and dryers, each set in a different room. They not only refuse to spend money on it, they want to TAKE our little bit of money. We used to have a lot of little parties with entertainment and door prizes (gift cards from stores like TARGET and Ralph's), with REAL food... fried chicken, salads, desserts, a variety of drinks plus bottled water, etc. Always nicely decorated as well. This was before Montiel, when housing money was spent on housing. They don't even keep a petty cash for when we lose money in the washer/dryer or vending machines. They charged $2 to see a movie that anyone can see for free. They had a peach cobbler party... if you didn't sign up on the bulletin board, you were turned away. I saw this happen. WOW! We have one custodian for this huge page, a small lady. SHE was serving nearly thimbles full of peach cobbler and was very serious about it. We were told that there were no door prizes, but they would have a drawing for the 'center pieces'.. gotta laugh, they were empty cheapo gift bags from the 99 cent store. We only have 3 maintenance people who I am POSITIVE are not licensed. They threw someone in as manager, a young girl who was simply the receptionist when people came in for an application. She's a nightmare of a gossip and makes trouble for the tenants, so she is no longer allowed in my apartment. Nights and weekends this place gets filthy. After my non-stop complaining, they tossed in some flowering plants into planters, 3 of them in the front. They just let them all die. It was a gesture so we would think they were going to do things around here, but they still don't. They are remodeling the vacancies, and 2 different people, one from HACLA, Roy Roque, and one from TELACU, Daniel Lopez, inspected my apartment (I've been here for 7 years and it's NEVER been painted or cleaned, I moved into it dirty) told me I would get a remodel. They both lied by telling me it was approved by the Asst. Asset Mgr @ HACLA, Walter Maynard, who Tina Booth told me, THE Asset Mgr @ HACLA, no longer even worked there. These people cannot stop lying and stealing from us. This place has once again become a tenement slum, just like it was before you did your investigation and Montiel was already gone. WE WANT HIM IN PRISON WITH ALL THE OTHERS. We want you to investigate TELACU and get them out of here. They spare no expense on themselves. They also have non-stop meetings that are huge parties, spending OUR money on food, cakes, balloons, everything that is at a party. The office is closed at least half of the time. Of course they didn't care who became manager, because they have never done any managing here and don't intend to. Jasmine Borrego, in charge @ TELACU is putting together all of my communications (none of them have been with her) as if she will find HER company doing something wrong a kill her own job. THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL. This NEW Section 8 was to provide housing for homeless and disabled vets. NEVER HAPPENED. They even have a mgmt office for a different property in an area known as 'The Jungle'... I was born in L.A. and it's always been called that for the high crime over there. So I guess when people come to rent a unit here, they are hard sold to go the the other office and rent over at Clemson-Corbett... THE JUNGLE Apts. What in the world is that office doing in our home? We want this thieving scamming money laundering operation OUT OF HERE! AS IF they aren't well aware of all that has gone before, 3 HACLA employees are coming for me to give them a tour of the building. This is a joke. They did the same thing when I was complaining about Montiel. That time it was also about 'climate control' in the units. NO AIR OR HEATING? Some people here are so old and sick that they stay in bed all of the time and never come out. The heat gets deadly here, 7 story building. So how many people were simply dying? We will never know, but they were very often cleaning out an apartment in the summer. After the 'tour' they put an air conditioner in one of the plate glass windows in my apartment. I'm CERTAIN it's an illegal installation. But I WAS SO ANGRY... I told them IN ALL THE APARTMENTS. Did they actually think I was only speaking for myself? They WANT to think we are all idiots. These apts actually have central heat and air, we have that type of ceiling and there are thermostats on the walls in the living rooms and bedrooms. It's a miracle how it works for THEM on the 2nd floor offices and conference room. Sometime they even turn it on in the halls... but they will tell you we don't have it. WE HAVE IT! They just refuse to turn it on. At least everyone got a window type a/c, even though we don't have windows. Sliding plate glass doors on one side only. No cross breeze. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I know that I WANT MY SECTION 8 BACK and they have to get it for me and anyone else who wants it back. I want them to spend our money on us. I know I worked all my life as did my family and friends and we PAID OUR TAXES, to we are not getting any kind of handout. We WORKED for this and first Montiel and his little group of thieves, and now TELACU, which was left in place are stealing OUR TAX DOLLARS and making us live in filth and apts in disrepair. One of the people coming on Thursday for me to show around, is one of the people, Roy Roque, who ALREADY inspected my apartment in all it's old, broken and dirty detail. WHY is he coming for a tour? He already knows how bad it is, he is one of those who lied to me that I was approved for a remodel, so these people are simply playing games with me, but they also know that I'm a hound dog and I won't stop. These people will not let us live in a clean, well repaired and designed apartment. They are letting it rot... and I mean it is seriously rotting away.
PLEASE HELP INVESTIGATE SOME MORE... this will be a BIGGER story and you can get them BEFORE the walls come tumbling down, not afterwards with the details like with Montiel. I begged everyone and anyone to investigate at HACLA and nobody would. I like to feel I played a part in his getting found out and fired. They all belong in prison, including the new gestapo, Villaraigosa with his own storm troopers (LAPD) on the streets in riot gear arresting protesters who are not breaking any laws AT ALL! How long will this continue unchecked? PLEASE BE THE HERO TO UNCOVER THIS SCAM


I'd like to add that if we lose a gate key, they want $50 for a replacement. WHERE DOES THIS GO? Even though the keys say 'do not duplicate' in this seriously depressed area, the locksmith's are willing to give you duplicates from a neighbor's key for $5. The billions they have and get aren't enough, they need $50 for a lost key... WOW

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