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Up in Smoke: Complete Series

It all started with a simple line: "There are now more medical marijuana clinics in the city of Los Angeles than there are Starbucks." Our coverage of the city's fight to restrain the number of medical marijuana dispensaries has spanned more than two years and garnered several awards, including a duPont-Columbia baton. Revisit the complete series here:

Up in Smoke: Complete Series

Up in Smoke - There are now more medical marijuana clinics in the city of Los Angeles than there are Starbucks. Correspondent Judy Muller takes a look at the proliferation of clinics across the city and who's nervous about it.

Up in Smoke - Part II - Los Angeles now has more medical marijuana clinics than it can count. These pot clubs are already pseudo-legal at best, and some of them appear to be getting around a city ordinance designed to stop their proliferation.

The Doctor Is In - L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez gets a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana, and offers some to the City Attorney. It's all a part of his big adventure inside LA's cannabis clinics.

Up in Smoke - Part III - The city council has finally approved a new ordinance regulating medical marijuana clinics. Judy Muller explains what it will do, why it took the council so long to act, and how some clinic operators are already preparing to challenge its legality.

Pot Luck - In an area where marijuana, legal or not, has driven the economy for decades, growers, marketers, even chefs are gearing up to cash in if the crop goes legit. Judy Muller takes us inside the secluded groves of Humboldt County for an unexpected take on Proposition 19.-->

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