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Video Your Vote, Part 2

Video Your Vote, Part 2 continues from here.

Leading up to this week's vote, KCET, PBS and Youtube joined together in an unprecedented exercise in citizen journalism and democracy called Video Your Vote. Thousands of voters recorded their their experiences, thoughts and impressions and uploaded them to Youtube, creating a kaleidoscopic survey of what has turned out to be an historic election. SoCal Connected and KCET New Media staff, as well as KCET Local bloggers Ophelia Chong, Jeremy Rosenberg and Kevin Ferguson, all got into the act as well, documenting their own election days and those of their neighbors.

Take a look at the images and listen to the stories below. It's also not too late to share you own story, either in the comments below or at Video Your Vote.

Voter Stories

Individual voters tell share their stories.

Ambient Election Day

It seems there was more to election day than voting..

Trouble in Voteland?

Southern California was spared major election irregularities, but some voters did have concerns.

Hopes for the Future

What you wanted and hoped for starting November 5th.

And the Winner is...

To the victors go the funny hats and shouting.

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