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Update From the Teen Sailor - Full Interview

SoCal teen Zac Sunderland is close to making history as the youngest solo circumnavigator in U.S. history. Anchor Val Zavala talks with Sunderland via skype about his travels through the Panama Canal.

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Great interview...Thanks SOCAL for keeping track of Zac on his incredible journey.

A noteworthy accomplishment for a teen, though the skills, knowlege, danger & difficuty needed to complete a circumnavigation these days pales in contrast to the days of old.

Earlier sailors did not have the luxury of full time communications with mom & dad, weather forecasters, gps navigation, autopilots, computer navigation apps, and family & support crew seeing them off & flying to the next port to make repairs etc.

With the trip broken down into many short legs, it is like a dad, sending off his toy boat, and running around the puddle to catch it & send it off again. Props to Zac for going along for the ride, and seeing it through. Too bad the solo part of the attempted record no longer applies , due to crew, passengers or both accompanying Zac on the boat while under sail at several points during his dot to dot circumnavigation.

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