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Behind the Scenes of Saving the Corps

In the course of researching the current state of the California Conservation Corps, we met 21-year-old Alex Cook, corps-member and poet extraordinaire. His self awareness, propensity for insightful observations and his openness to learning made him a standout.

During the shoot he told us he wanted to learn from us everything he could about TV production. He asked questions, aniticipated our needs and assured us he already knew only a few seconds of his half hour interview would make it into the piece.

But Alex had so much to say, and such a unique way of saying it, that we want to share a bit more with our viewers.

So Alex, take note - we found a way to use more than 12 seconds after all!

On the Sierra Madre Project:

SoCal Connected on KCET

How the CCC let him contribute to society AND keep his dreadlocks:

SoCal Connected on KCET

How a stint in the Corps' Backcountry Program taught him to embrace wildlife... and diversity:

SoCal Connected on KCET

On February 27th, Alex and two other corps members will be honored for their roles in saving the life of an elderly hiker they encountered on one of their trails.

SoCal Connected on KCET

Next up for Alex? He is looking forward to applying his conservation knowledge in the land down under through an exchange program with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

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I'm so happy to see an interview like this, especially on the web. There are so few stories about how young African Americans are trying to make their way thru this world.
Good luck to Alex and enjoy Austraila - so diverse in land and people. Hope you're able to see the Outback!
PS: they loved my locks and American Blackness down under!

Great story. Nice to a young man becoming an adult and retaining and discovering his values along the way.

What a wonderful portrayal of what discipline, understanding and a supportive environment can do for our kids from the "hood" that society as written off as shiftless, useless and underserving. I'm biased. My son is one those the CCC provided the opportunity to grow into the productive, giving and articulate "man" he is today. Thanks to KCET for doing such a wonderful job of letting the public see that they're hard earned money, sometimes goes to and does positive things within our communities.

Thanks for including this interview. Such an elegant young man. The CCC is lucky to have him represent them. It makes me want to learn more about the organization.

I actually had the opportunity to talk to Alex a few times. He's very intelligent and respectable, he is someone I'd like to see promote through the program, or do whatever would be for his best intention.

I'm currently in the C.C.C., and I really enjoy the program. It has been been teaching me quite a bit about multiple traits and also giving me the opportunity to get my hands on training in engineering, automotive, locksmiths,landscaping, and they always encourage things that I have always been interested in, such as making music, and photography. One thing I really like about the C.C.C. is the emergency response, a couple weeks back I went up to the Santa Barbra fires and stayed at a Fire camp, that we helped set up and take down. The C.C.C. has always been there to teach me something new, put me to the test, and help me grow and incorporate new talents.

As long as a positive outlook is maintained, we have the capability of reaching any solution, boundary is an illusion. If you never become fooled, you'll remain proactive, therefor you are the answer. Sometimes you need to simplify to grow.
Thank you for your time - Derek.

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