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How Healthy is L.A.?

When the economy gets sick, how does it affect public health? On this week’s SoCal Podcast, story editor Saul Gonzalez interviews Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding to find out. Fielding is the Director of the Department of Public Health for Los Angeles County.

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I fear for the future of our health care system considering the state of the economy. Thanks for exploring some of these issues with Dr. Fielding. It's a real public service. I hope you can do more of these conversations.

Randy Parsons

Last night's segment on Maggie Mahar's book Money Driven Medicine really hit home and touched my heart. I was a victim on March 16,2008 at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles. They made money on me until April 16, 2008.
Taken there by ambulance with severe sinus infection, low blood sugar, high insulin; the doctors said I was in altered stages of consciousness.
On March 17, they sedated me with Propofol,Morphine, Lorazempam and many other medications and denied me the right to participate in my health care. I was sedated through an IV every day until the 24th of March. This enabled them to call in all sorts of doctors to run tests on me while I was unconscious.

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