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Is Anybody Listening - Where It All Began

This is the video that started it all... Mr. Steinman, AP Lit. teacher at Village Academy High School in the Pomona Unified School District worked with his students to share their stories of economic hardship with President Obama.

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Have they set up a PayPal site? Where can we donate to help these kids?

Did anyone point out that working for a year or two before going to college is not such a bad idea ? They all sounded like they needed to mature a little before going off to become brain surgeons and rocket scientists.

These days all high school seniors need to know that community college for a year or two before going to a university is an inexpensive option.

Hi to Michael and the class, I was very moved by all of your stories. I'd like to help out .Can you tell me how to send something to help.Nancy venezia

I was so touched by Chris Schultz' comments. Is there an address where I can send a contribution to his family?

It was an amazing experience to see what this teacher and his very unusual students are doing. It is sad for me to know that these young students have such heavy responsibilies in addition to their schoolwork. Then on the other hand they are so much more mature and wise than my generation. They are also so fortunate for have a teacher like Mr Steinman. My son is teaching high school math and I called him to watch your show. The class should know that through the efforts of Channel 13 and Mr Stienmen we are listening and watching.

i would like to donate some money to help...would like to give chris's family a contiribution, so that they have some food in their home...

please email me for next steps.


My Mother, Mrs Mary Stern, passed away 2/3/09 and is leaving a large monetary gift to KCET. I am here in Claremont and would like to help the students with their "Village Project" as I'm trying to donate food and household items from my Mom's apartment. Can you forward this e-mail to the school? Thank you.

Sir, Have you no heart? Work you say? Have you seen what is happening with employment world wide? What job where, that someone somewhere is not already desperately trying to hold onto? Did this only affect you in a manner where you would not sympathize in any positive way other than to try to dress up the comment, "get a job"? Your response to this seems hardly credible but I am not unaware that this is the opinion of so many here in a country that likes to think it is better than all the rest but you're attitude certainly gives lie to that often expressed thought. I do not know what your religious persuasion is or even if you have one but if you do, your ideas are way out of synch with the ideals you would profess in church or temple every week. "Blessed are the meek...." etc.... ????? "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God". In these times, we would all do well to practice more of the forgoing but your answer gives me pause.. So sad, so very sad.

I did not say 'get a job' or suggest they should give up their dreams of getting a university education. They acted like their whole world was falling apart. They have suffered a set back. Now deal with it.

I went to college with some friends who worked for a few years before starting college. They thought the experience helped them mature and kept them from being such a financial burden on their parents. And, again, going to a community college for a year or two is not a bad alternative.

I'm not suggesting that working the kind of jobs that recent high school grads usually get is going to be a better experience than a year in a university.

BUT, even if both of your paresnts are still gainfully employed, they are going to have difficulty paying for your college education. Kids should not expect a lot of financial help from their parents.

Let's all hope that our congressman will do something to reduce the cost of a university education.

I would also like to contribute something here. Please let me know where a contribution can be made.

The story is very touching & in a country like ours there are many generous people that are willing to help.Please provide the website.

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