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Notes From the Locke High Kids


Bryan Ordaz, Joanna Alatorre, and Damon Horton


Bryan writes:

Hello KCET,

It's me Bryan. I just wanted to talk a little about I feel and how I have been ever since I met you guys and my experience throughout the year at Locke High.

My experience being a part of the documentary was eye opening. I was a little shy at first because I wasn't used to having to deal with cameras following me around at school. However, it didn't take long before I overcame the shyness and the embarrassment of being on TV.

I loved the way the final product turned out. Friends and family even cried after seeing it on TV. I guess they were so touched by the documentary that is drove them to tears. It has been a great experience that I know I will remember even when I get older.

My experience at Locke under the new Green Dot system has been good. I feel that this year compared to previous years has been night and day. I say that because the students seem to actually want to learn and pay attention at school. Yeah, there are classes that I struggle with, but I know that no matter what the NEW Locke is going to make history. Teachers care about the students and to educate them, while students have a new perspective toward school. They want to learn and set goals for themselves. It has been a good year!



Joanna writes:

Dear KCET,

These past couple of months participating in the So Cal Connected documentary of Inside Locke High & Return to Locke High has been both inspiring to me and my friends.  It was inspiring to me because this documentary gave me the motivation to keep moving in my life.  It made me realize that there are other students out there just like me that have given up and some that haven't.  So realizing that, I asked myself, "Why am I going to give up?"  I am not only going strong for myself, but for my family too.

Thank You,



Damon writes:

Dear KCET,

Basically, my experience with KCET has been great. The documentary hasn't only helped me, but it has helped my family. I think it is the same for Bryan and JoJo. The changes that Green Dot made at Locke High School took some time to get used to. To tell you the truth I'm still getting used to it. At the end of the day, there are less fights amongst students and it seems that the students are learning and actually wanting to learn! So, I guess it is good for all of us. I want to thank Green Dot and KCET for everything.



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Wow! Thanks for letting my basketball team and I be a part of this.

At first, after watching this piece, I worried about the lack of emphasis on academic learning and the lack of achievement of many students. That's why these comments of Bryan, Joanna, and Damon are heartening: it does not appear that the change to Green Dot management (full disclosure: I work for Green Dot) has instantly made these kids academic superstars; but the change has, it appears, given them hope, and heart, and the will to overcome. If they can struggle, and still thank the people who are struggling with them, to right past wrongs, that should give us all hope.

The band sequence was very moving.

God Bless these kids. They live in danger everyday. They are so smart and want to make changes in their lives and communities. I hope they get all the help they need. They are almost completely on their own, and I am sure most of the student are on their own. GO LOCKE HIGH SCHOOL...DON'T GIVE UP KIDS...WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you KCET for letting the public know about these local programs like Green Dotand for these heartwarming stories and letting the viewers know how to help!!

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