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The Realtor's Frustration

Joe and Erin Balli’s realtor, James Festini, says bank negotiators are tremendously backlogged approving loans. In the story, he says that lots of qualified buyers slip away because of bureaucratic red tape. Here are some examples from his own property listings.

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The socal connected show on foreclosures and trash-outs gives me the impression that a cynical banking establishment deliberately set out to steal the properties of Americans with the sub-prime mortgage, a discriminatory device dreamed up about the same time as red-lining and targeting minority homes. Seeing the possessions of some family disposessed thrown away makes me think of the "family values" always pimped by republican candidates and really, all conservatives regardless of party. Conservatives throw all values down the toilet except for profit and power. May they be condemned to everlasting punishment in Hell for what they have done to this once-great country.

Dear Joe and Erin,
I'm really sorry to learn of your heartaches. From experience I know how painful losing your home can be. Somehow, I learned that if you pull together as a loving couple, everything will work out and you WILL survive. I hope this does not sound hollow. You will learn many things about each other during this stressful time. You will be able to meet and appreciate new people, as will your kids. You will probably learn how to live a more simple form of life, and then realize that you are better off for it. Know that you are loved and appreciated through this process. Love, Uncle Dave

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