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Val Zavala: What You Can Expect from Season 5

SoCal Connected host Val Zavala on what you can expect from Season 5. Join her and special contributor Madeleine Brand for the premiere on October 29 at 7 p.m.

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Great first show of the year. Your analysis and commentary are always the best in the business...All the best... Steve (Bakersfield)


What is it about us that we never look at the big picture? The Catholics will vote on abortion, the Jews on Israel, The Evanglists on family values, Mormans, that's easy, Women, well that's a tough one; African Americans on race, Whites on race, Rich on taxes, on and on... Unemployed on jobs, Big bisiness on Unions; plus Global warming, the Environment, Military spending, Schools, etc, etc, etc, all are singled out along with Health care, Whales, Oil, ad infinitum as the reason to vote for either of the candidates for president. Has anyone discussed all the issues? What we have achieved to date compared to where we were? Has anyone even asked for the details of another way with fact based explanation that is reasonable? Does anyone really care?


What is wrong with KCET the video picture and voice are not in sync. It has been like this for over a week now. I live in Solvang and use comcast. I don't know if is at the studio or the cable.


@Shopdad - Comcast is not aware of any issues in the Solvang area, or with with our feed of KCET. Typically when we see audio sync issues it is a problem with the HDMI “handshake” between the cable box and TV.

This can sometimes be resolved by changing the HDMI audio settings within the cable box menu. Try leaving the TV on and turning the cable box off by aiming the remote at the cable box, pressing the "Cable" button on the top of the remote and then pressing the "Power" button. Press and hold the "Menu" button immediately after the cable box powers off. In about two seconds, you should see a white User Settings screen on your TV. If it doesn't come up, try a couple of times until it does.

Scroll down and select Additional HDMI Settings, then select Audio Output and change your options there. Once you're done with the settings and you go back to the main menu, turn the cable box back on by hitting the "Cable" button, and then "Power."